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Emmarie & DJ

I remember my first consult with these two, there I was sitting in Starbucks and noticed the cutest couple walk in and instantly recognized Emmarie because we're social media friends!  Then I noticed DJ with a broken arm!  LOL.  So we sat and chatted, I pointed out the obvious, I was already was 7 going on 8 months pregnant and their wedding was set for a couple weeks after my due date.  

As a couple, these two were EVERYTHING!  Emmarie has the sweetest most bubbly personality and DJ was obviously so in love with her.  I knew at that moment, I HAD to be a part of their wedding!  

Baby arrived and guess what, two days before her due date!  Even though it was hard leaving her at home with my husband a couple weeks later, I couldn't of missed this wedding!  We laughed, we ran, we skipped, we adventured through bushes and even tried convincing some horses they should be in the photos, which didn't work by the way because apparently they're afraid of wedding dress lol.  

Ready to take a look?  Here ya go!