Family Session Booked, Now, What to Wear?

It's definitely that time of the year, HOLIDAYS!  Though I live in Hawaii, and we don't get to experience all those weather changes, it's still a busy time for me because it's family session season!  

I often get asked what do I recommend as far as colors of clothing or just outfits in general.  So, I've decided to break it down for each and every one of you.  Are you ready?

First of all, COLOR COORDINATION!  Now, when I say this, I don't mean, all of you wear a white shirt and jeans.  I do mean, find outfits that compliment each other.  

Here's an example


Next, as you see in the photos above, we were shooting in a greener area.  That is where I would recommend using RICHER tones.  Those colors will stand out amongst the greenery!  For beach locations I would recommend neutral tones because the idea isn't to blend in with the scenery but to compliment it!

Next, lets talk about layers.  Guys, layering your outfits make everything look better.  Add a scarf, a vest, whatever.  Here's a family shot I took and let me tell you, this family was on point!


Lastly, just pick something comfortable!  If you're comfortable, it'll show in the photos, which will make you love them more!

Lei Conradt